Use New Google Sites on your own domain!


Fall 2016, Google introduced New Google Sites, it's a very nice product, it allows the creation of nice and responsive websites that suits well either for mobile and desktop use.

Sadly, Google [at least at the time this text is being written, [August 24th, 2017] doesn't support the usage of a custom domain name yet [link].

News [August 29th, 2017]! It seems that Google will allow in a hopefully near future the use of a custom hostname with the new version of Google Sites [link]. Meanwhile, Go Google Site Proxy, is something you'd try if you can't wait for this feature.


"Go Google Sites Proxy" is a lightweight and efficient proxy for the New Google Sites. This software proxy allows the use of a dedicated domain.

Thanks to the HTTP host header (HTTP 1.1 and later), this implementation handles multiple websites served by a single instance this proxy.

This piece of software runs on almost any platform (any platform supported by the Go language) and run as well in a small Docker container. This software is distributed under a GPL-3-style license.

Who is using this software?

Are you? I'd be delighted of adding your URL on this page.


Install and use it

It's pretty easy to use this software on any server, documentation is available on the Git repository. This software is distributed under the GPL-3 license.


This software can be easily deployed on most of the IaaS provider (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon EC2, OVH, DigitalOcean, ...) by running it directly or with Docker. can host instances of GGSP for your domain at no cost. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and the authors of Go-Google-Sites-Proxy are not affiliated with Google LLC. Google Sites and Google Suite product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google LLC.